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About EvaSys

Leading automation software

EvaSys is a market leading suite of automation software for organisational surveys and research projects, course and training evaluations, exams and assessments.

Offering a complete solution for paper-based and online surveys and assessments, EvaSys allows you to choose which platform to use so that you can get the best results from your audiences.  You can quickly design your own survey templates and instant reporting in one step making it easy to make better informed business decisions more quickly.

EvaSys is transforming the education sector

Over 750 universities in the UK and around the world now choose EvaSys for their student surveys and course evaluation. EvaSys is helping institutions increase the response rate of completed student surveys, introduce consistency and quality to their reporting across departments and schools, and significantly reduce turnaround times for reports.

Read our research report 'Closing the Loop’.

About Electric Paper Ltd

EvaSys is delivered in the UK by Electric Paper Ltd.  

Our software is developed by our parent company Electric Paper Evaluation Systems GmbH in Germany. Innovation and new features are driven through an open dialog with our customers within the sector worldwide.

Our vision is to drive up the standards of evaluation and assessments and transform the way feedback is used to inform organisation’s activities and their investment decisions.

We believe that innovation thrives on development, and we continuously review our products and the technical support we offer to ensure that we continue to exceed the needs of our customers and their changing business environments.

We hope you will enjoy using our products.