EvaSys Education

The QMIhub

The QMIhub is a cloud-based platform powered by EvaSys that brings together a range of unique software applications under one umbrella to help HEIs gain a better understanding of their students’ views.

The QMIhub enables HEIs to:

  • increase survey participation, and close the evaluation loop for students
  • enhance the analysis and reporting of student responses, including open questions
  • include cross department and inter-institutional benchmarking
  • empower users with simple to use and easy to access applications
  • increase engagement of academics and other stakeholders in the evaluation process

How the QMIhub works?

The QMIhub is made up of eight applications (apps) which can be accessed individually or together on subscription.

These are:

Once set up for an institution, users can access the QMIhub via a single sign-on process. Through this, users will be able to access EvaSys, as well as the range of apps that have been packaged to suit their needs from an easy to use dashboard. User logins and permissions are can be defined for different levels of access.

How secure is the QMIhub?

The QMIhub uses the latest advanced encryption technology and supports ‘Single Sign-On’ against business standards like Shibboleth and Active Directory, the QMIhub is safe to use for importing, exporting and storing the high volumes of sensitive data, as well as the analysis of responses and performance reporting.

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