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EvaSys has partnered with Canvas by Instructure on LTI/VLE integration

Leading survey automation software giant Electric Paper has partnered with Canvas, a modern virtual learning environment (VLE) that makes teaching and learning easier for educators and students.

Electric Paper Ltd delivers EvaSys, the market-leading suite of automation software for course and module evaluation, as well as QMIhub®, a collection of powerful add-ons for advanced reporting and benchmarking.

The new solution, which meets the LMS LTI® standard, focuses on the evaluation of courses and modules and is helping higher education institutions (HEIs) to promote student and academic engagement, increase survey response rates, and improve student experience.

The EvaSys LTI® solution links up with the built-in LTI framework of a VLE and uses Canvas functionality to display data and reports from EvaSys surveys in the learner and academic areas for the first time.

Students can now view a list of open online surveys in which they can directly participate, allowing a new, convenient survey delivery method. Ease and accessibility of the survey has a positive impact on the number of participants, providing institutions with the necessary data to track, manage and improve quality.  

“We are looking forward to working together with EvaSys, market leader for course and module evaluation software.  The interface aims at supporting HE providers in increasing number of responses from online surveys and improving student experience,” said Melissa Loble, VP of Platform and Partnership, Instructure.

Academics, on the other hand, can view a list of their live surveys, displaying a series of measurements regarding the participation such as number of responses, response rate, etc. This promotes an open dialog between the different stakeholders within HEIs and helps to build a culture that embraces and values evaluation.

Eric Bohms, Managing Director of Electric Paper Ltd said:

“We are very excited to link up with Canvas in this way to support EvaSys version 7. Our software is now used in over half of all universities in the UK and over 1,000 universities around the world, and continues to lead against competitors.

“The benefits that we can now offer students and teachers as a result of the LTI/VLE integration have been enormous.  Our partnership aims at empowering and involving academics in the process of their course and module evaluation as well as boosting the number of participating students.

“This is very much in step with our vision at Electric Paper Ltd to drive up performance of the higher education sector, in the UK and across the world, using innovative technological solutions.

We look forward to continuing to work with Canvas’s team and extending the benefits we can offer EvaSys customers.”

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