EvaSys Education

EvaSys Education

Make more informed and timely decisions.

Universities, colleges and training providers are increasingly choosing EvaSys survey automation software for the evaluation of their courses, modules, seminars and workshops so that they can make more informed and timely decisions about course content, teaching staff and learning environments.

Choose EvaSys for:

  • Driving consistency in evaluations across departments or schools
  • Easy to use customisable and responsive questionnaire templates, for online and paper-based surveys
  • Easy to access software from multiple geographical locations
  • High volume data capability and analysis
  • Instant reporting - allowing you to make informed and timely decisions

EvaSys evaluation model

EvaSys supports every stage of the evaluation process, from preparation to quality management.


Improve the way you manage exams and assessments.

EvaExam Assessment Automation Suite is a web-based application which allows you to easily create exams, assessments, tests and quizzes using EvaExam’s advanced design and reporting application.

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The QMIhub

The QMIhub is a cloud-based platform powered by EvaSys that brings together a range of unique software applications under one umbrella to enhance EvaSys automation software and help HEIs gain a better understanding of their students’ views.

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What support is available?

We know that introducing new software and evaluation processes in educational institutions can be a daunting task, which is why we provide full technical support for our products.

This includes full user guidance, training for you and your teams and an ongoing user help desk.

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