EvaSys Automation Software

Transform the way you run surveys.

EvaSys is a market leading suite of automation software for organisational surveys and research projects, course and training evaluations, exams and assessments.

EvaSys offers:

  • A complete solution - managing all aspects of your evaluation project with one software package
  • Responsive and customisable templates - accessible on PCs, mobile devices, paper based and also for combined online and paper surveys
  • Web based software - so you can access from a range of locations
  • Instant reporting - to help you make better informed and timely decisions, saving you time and money

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The QMIhub

Gain a better understanding of the students’ views in your Higher Education Institute (HEI).

The QMIhub is a cloud-based platform, powered by EvaSys, that brings together a range of unique software applications under one umbrella.

Watch our video to find out about the QMIhub.

EvaSys launches new HE report: The devil is in the data

The Devil is in the Data report coverThe report looks into the way HE providers approach course and module surveys; the questions for module evaluation; and what influences survey design in order to identify common questions for the sector and to inform the questions available in the MBE Module Benchmarking community.

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