EvaSys Automation Software

Transform the way you run surveys.

EvaSys is a market leading suite of automation software for organisational surveys and research projects, course and training evaluations, exams and assessments.

EvaSys offers:

  • A complete solution - managing all aspects of your evaluation project with one software package
  • Responsive and customisable templates - accessible on PCs, mobile devices, paper based and also for combined online and paper surveys
  • Web based software - so you can access from a range of locations
  • Instant reporting - to help you make better informed and timely decisions, saving you time and money

Join organisations across the UK and around the world who are choosing EvaSys.

EvaSys Insight

EvaSys Insight is a reporting visualisation tool that puts you in the driver's seat. Integrated with EvaSys Education, the EvaSys Insight add-on provides a range of data visualisation options to help you report directly on organisational KPIs in an easy-to-understand graphical format.

EvaSys launches new HE report: The devil is in the data

The Devil is in the Data report coverThe report looks into the way HE providers approach course and module surveys; the questions for module evaluation; and what influences survey design in order to identify common questions for the sector and to inform the questions available in the MBE Module Benchmarking community.

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