EvaSys Survey Automation Suite

What our clients have to say

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“Newcastle University has always had an embedded culture of evaluation and feedback. We looked at what was needed and what was scalable across an institution of our size and that brought us to EvaSys. Before we adopted the EvaSys system, each faculty had different processes and would send out surveys at different times across the academic year.”

Dr Richard Harrison, Head of Learning and Technical Development, Newcastle University


“We have been really impressed with how easy it is use EvaSys survey automation software and how supportive the team were through the implementation process. We have received positive feedback from department heads and the students and the instant reports it gives us are helping us to make informed decisions about our courses and services much more quickly.”

- Mark Ellul, Director of Planning, University of Roehampton


"To be able to load all the module data in the system and create the surveys is a very simple process. It only takes a couple of hours to get all that data in the system and the surveys created ready for either online surveys or for printing. You can have the whole thing up and running in a day."

- David Mackland, Web Services Team Leader, University of Abertay


"EvaSys has improved our course evaluation by giving us a data set that we can work with which is quickly available. Everything is in one place. It’s much easier to share the information."

- David Pike, Deputy Head of Learning Technology, University of Bedfordshire


"EvaSys was selected after an extensive tendering exercise because it offered the most flexibility yet dedicated system for our needs. It’s a clear winner in our eyes."

- Mike Page, Head of ARD Systems and Business Processes, London School of Economics


"Before we used EvaSys everyone did their own thing. We didn’t have any consistent mechanisms for module evaluation or programme evaluations."

- Julie Irwin, Principal Lecturer for Student Experience & Quality Enhancement, Buckinghamshire New University


"The feedback from the schools was that the reports were generated by EvaSys are rapid, informative and clearly presented."

- Emma Wynne, Assistant Academic Registrar, Queen Mary University of London


"It’s really given us the ability to have a uniform system for comparing results across all modules and across all schools. Previously we had different disparate ways of doing things with different, surveys tools spreadsheets and now we have the same solutions across the university."

- David Mackland, Web Services Team Leader, University of Abertay


"We wanted to improve the timeliness and accuracy of survey results and to encourage higher response rates. EvaSys is empowering us to achieve our goals."

- Mike Page, Head of ARD Systems and Business Processes, London School of Economics


"EvaSys was the only product we found that had the facility to manage both paper and online surveys; advanced reporting and was compatible with our ICT and MIS infrastructure."

- Tracey Gardiner, Head of learner Engagement, City and Islington College


"The introduction of EvaSys has simplified the module feedback process immensely. Results are now available in days rather than months allowing more time to monitor quality and implement enhancements to teaching and learning."

- University of St Andrews


"Students like having a piece of paper to write on and they also like getting marks quite quickly and we have been able to turn around test very quickly using EvaExam."

- Stephen Houston, Senior Teaching Fellow, Herriot Watt University


"The team at Electric Paper have been hugely supportive. They speak in plain English to us which is good."

- Pearl Lewis, Quality Assurance Manager, University of Buckinghamshire