Cross-analysis of paper and online surveys to achieve HE quality in University of Roehampton


Should student surveys be conducted across an entire university student body, or should they be used for individual departments or modules? Do online surveys foster better student engagement, or are paper evaluations preferable? These questions and others were on the minds of administrators at the University of Roehampton. They found a solution for these and other pain points in Achievability’s EvaSys survey software.

The Challenge: When the University of Roehampton adopted EvaSys, the institution was looking for a survey system that could be customised and scaled to suit its unique preferences and needs. The university was struggling with a mixed survey model that used both online and paper evaluations. The institution determined that paper-only surveys were preferable for its applications, as they encouraged better participation rates and more engaged feedback from pupils across the student base. That conclusion left the University of Roehampton with a challenge: find a survey system that could support paper-only evaluations but provide the sophisticated data collection and analysis features of online-oriented survey automation software.

The Solution: Using EvaSys, the University of Roehampton was able to embrace paper-only evaluations without sacrificing the perks of survey automation and management. The university implemented the software across all 10 of its academic departments, using it to collect, collate, and monitor data across modules and courses. Not only has EvaSys helped Roehampton identify areas for improvement in curriculums, but it has also allowed the university to cross-analyse courses, modules, and departments. Because the survey and evaluation process is consistent across the university, Roehampton can make comparisons between modules and achieve a higher standard of education quality.

Summary: Ultimately, there are very few ‘correct’ answers when it comes to collecting and analysing student feedback in a university environment. Some institutions prefer paper-based surveys, while others find that online feedback systems are superior. Some universities track data individually in different departments, while others determine that a consistent and cohesive system for student surveys yields greater benefits. The most important thing for a university is to find a flexible piece of software that can adapt to its unique wants and needs. As the University of Roehampton concluded, Achievability’s EvaSys is that software.

Cross-analysis of paper and online surveys to achieve HE quality in University of Roehampton
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