Abertay University | How can HEIs collect and analyse student feedback in an effective fashion?


In higher education, the voice of the student can sometimes get drowned out. Many higher education institutions (HEIs) have thousands upon thousands of students, making it difficult for individual pupils to feel like they are being heard. By finding ways to listen to students, HEIs can learn important things about effective teaching, strong learning structures, and overall student experience. Enhancing these facets of the education experience can boost enrolment rates, increase graduation rates, and improve overall institution reputation. How can HEIs collect and analyse student feedback in an effective fashion?

The Problem: That question was one that officials at Abertay University were asking before adopting Evasys, the leading survey and evaluation software from Achievability. The university recognised the value of surveys and the way they could amplify student voices. However, there were always hurdles to unlocking the benefits of these surveys. Conducting, distributing, and collating surveys required considerable staff resources. Deriving meaning from the data was even more difficult, as was delivering that data to the people and departments that needed it. Abertay University is an institution made up of four academic schools and many different modules. In this environment, student surveys could only deliver helpful results if there was a way to get relevant, specific findings to educators, tutors, and leaders within each school and module. The university simply didn’t have the resources to achieve that kind of application.

The Solution: Abertay University solved its survey problem by implementing EvaSys, a powerful survey automation software meant specifically for HEIs. The system streamlined the survey process for Abertay, making it easy for the university to send surveys to the entire student body at the same time. The university appreciated how customisable and adaptable EvaSys was to their needs. Abertay University Web Services Team Leader David Mackland praised EvaSys for its automatic data analysis features. After collecting data from students, EvaSys could quickly process the data, compile reports for individual schools, modules, and courses, and send those reports directly to stakeholders.

Summary: All told, EvaSys helped Abertay University amplify the voices of its students while simultaneously reducing the staff resources normally needed for survey application. By providing educators throughout the university with digestible data about their curriculums and teaching styles, the software made it easier for Abertay to respond to student needs. The implementation of EvaSys from Achievability helped start dialogues between students and staff at Abertay University, leading to a stronger teaching and learning experience for all.

Abertay University | How can HEIs collect and analyse student feedback in an effective fashion?
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