About Us

We Are EvaSys

EvaSys is helping HEIs in the UK and Ireland to make sense of big data in education, gain actionable insights into teaching and develop learning structure, to create more data driven higher education institutions…

We are a full service provider for Higher Education in the area of Survey Data Analytics powered by the EvaSys Enterprise Survey Management software. Evasys helps improve the delivery and design of programmes through the EvaMetrics cloud based platform that drives high survey response rates, powerful reporting for all stakeholders and provides context and comparison through our community based module benchmark for universities. Evasys is an Electric Paper company.

Our Products

Universities, colleges and training providers in the UK choose EvaSys to deliver great software for the evaluation of their courses, modules, seminars and workshops so that they can make more informed and timely decisions about course content, teaching staff and learning environments.

Using these tools, we are poised to help HEIs improve the success and reputation of their institutions by understanding more about how using the data from modular surveys drive up standards and achieve internal goals and other external goals like an excellent TEF ranking.

EvaMetrics is a cloud-based survey and analytics product platform poised to help HEIs gain a better insight into students’ views and make more strategic decisions.

EvaSys survey software helps HEIs ‘listen’ to the students’ voice for the purpose of taking information-driven actions to achieve teaching and learning excellence.
EvaExam is an exam/assessment creation product. EvaExam makes it easy for facilitators to create and score exams/assessment saving lots of time and resources
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