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Underused Ways to Improve Your Survey Response Rate

Many HEIs are having a hard time getting students to complete survey forms mostly due to survey fatigue. In fact, some HEIs have resorted to “blackmailing” students in that they make it compulsory for students to fill survey forms before having access to their VLE dashboards or other educational facilities. While this might get the students to fill […]

Electric Paper UK now trading as Achievability

Exciting news! After over a decade of working with higher education institutions, Electric Paper UK is transforming into something more relevant and representative of the industry we are so successful in helping. Due to the ever widening nature of digital technology and the need to maintain consistency across newer products, Electric Paper has undergone a […]

5 Key Claims to Watch Out For When Selecting a Survey Product for Automating Course Evaluations

Many organisations struggle in choosing the best methodology for running course evaluations and other survey projects necessary in driving quality enhancement and strategic planning efforts. In fact there is no easy answer or quick fix. Many organisations choose to go with paper or online methodologies based upon the recommendation of another institution or influential claims […]

6 Key Things to Consider When Managing Paper Based Course Evaluations

Many higher and further education organisations are unable to provide computers in every class or provide online surveys in computer labs for logistical reasons. For that reason paper based ‘in-class’ surveys are the best option in driving response rates. For organisations choosing paper surveys there are some key points to consider.  1 – Gain stakeholder […]

The ‘student’ as an empowered highly interested stakeholder

The student as a consumer? The next steps for student experience and quality assurance in universities Many lecturers – quite rightly proud of the standard of teaching offered by their institution – may baulk at the idea that obtaining a degree can be reduced to a mere business transaction. The label of ‘consumer’ is uncomfortable […]

Improving quality and standards in Higher Education-addressing the needs of course evaluation

 “Students at the heart of the system” insisted the HE White Paper released earlier this year.  Sounds like a simple concept doesn’t it? But much like “eat five fruit and veg a day” or “love thy neighbour” – turning the concept into reality involves a lot of hard work and discipline. How can we start to place students at the […]

Abertay University | How can HEIs collect and analyse student feedback in an effective fashion?

In higher education, the voice of the student can sometimes get drowned out. Many higher education institutions (HEIs) have thousands upon thousands of students, making it difficult for individual pupils to feel like they are being heard. By finding ways to listen to students, HEIs can learn important things about effective teaching, strong learning structures, […]

Find out how Newcastle University benefits uses specialist survey software, Evasys for collecting and evaluating student feedback

Most educational institutions seek feedback from their students in some form. Some do it with course or instructor evaluations. Others do it with more general surveys. Especially for big universities, it can be a challenge to implement survey processes that spur both high response rates and usable data. That challenge was the hurdle Newcastle University […]

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