Electric Paper UK now trading as Achievability


Exciting news! After over a decade of working with higher education institutions, Electric Paper UK is transforming into something more relevant and representative of the industry we are so successful in helping. Due to the ever widening nature of digital technology and the need to maintain consistency across newer products, Electric Paper has undergone a significant transformation in the UK and we are pleased to announce our new name as ‘Achievability’.

The new umbrella brand identity promises to meet and surpass the expectations of what our original mark stands for, whilst retaining the exceptional standards, service and delivery of the well known EvaSys products we have become known for, as well as building on our existing portfolio.

Founded in 2009 by Managing Director, Eric Bohms our full service scanning and paper based survey company was originally launched as Electric Paper. In 2011, we adopted the brand name of ‘Evasys’, however, with our constant desire to continue developing leading educational evaluation software to manage and analyse institutional data, we needed to find a new parent brand that would allow us to further evolve and grow our range of evaluation software for the UK Higher Education Sector. Striving to maintain consistency across existing and newer products was a primary goal. This was achieved by carefully deconstructing logos and product names to find a key feature. This process informed our final decision in terms of name, tagline, colour and logo, retaining the ‘Eva’ from our core product offering EvaSys, but also incorporating the new tagline ‘Evaluate, Validate, Accelerate’ which accurates refers to our passion and success. So, we’re proud to announce that Electric Paper UK has adopted the Achievability name in order to act as an umbrella brand for our exciting portfolio of evaluation software for higher education.

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Consistent application of the new brand name and components has already begun across all media including interface, web, collateral, and promotions. The “eva” feature lies at the core of consistently expressing visual identity and building strong brand awareness. 

About Achievability

Achievability is a full service higher education survey, evaluation and analytics brand formed under the original Electric Paper company, with a vision to transform the higher education sector in the UK and around the world. Achievability brings together a range of unique software applications under one umbrella to help HEIs gain a better understanding of every aspect of their organisation through the collection, management and analysis of data.

Our Range of Groundbreaking Products


EvaSys is the market leading educational survey software that helps HEIs ‘listen’ to the student voice for the purpose of taking information-driven actions to achieve teaching and learning excellence.


EvaExam is an exam assessment creation product. EvaExam makes it easy for facilitators to create and score course and module assessments saving time and resources. This software, which can be accessed via web or mobile, also makes it easy for students to take module and course assessment with ease.


EvaMetrics is a cloud-based survey and analytics product platform that brings together a range of unique software applications under one umbrella to help HEIs gain a better understanding of their students’ views, achieve internal goals and other external goals like an excellent TEF ranking.

Over 1200 universities, colleges and training providers in the UK and around the world having been using products developed by Electric Paper, and we look forward to now using the Achievability name in the UK to deliver great software for the evaluation of courses, modules, seminars and workshops so that HEI’s can make more informed and timely decisions about course content, teaching staff and learning environments.

Over the coming few months we look forward to sharing a number of industry leading reports and insights, as well as a number of exciting product updates that will continue to enable UK HEI’s to improve and drive up the standards of education in the UK.

Electric Paper UK now trading as Achievability
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