Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take you to deliver a software application?

As you might expect, this depends a lot on the complexity and scope of the desired system. A simple solution takes roughly 2 weeks to install, implement and deploy while larger scale, more complex solutions typically take 1-2 months. By industry standards, we’re very quick and can usually move as fast as the institution allows us!

How do clients generally operate your software within their organisations?

Our systems are usually centrally managed by a small dedicated team of administrative staff. Since our systems are web-based, users can access it securely from just about anywhere to carry out their work. Most of our customers choose to outsource hosting to us, so there is little impact or involvement with IT.

Do you provide technical support?
Yes! We have a dedicated support team in Edinburgh. Support hours are Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm.

Our Support & Services Consultants respond via email and telephone, using TeamViewer where possible for desktop sharing sessions. We aim to respond to all tickets within 4 hours of logging and to resolve tickets within 72 hours of logging.

In addition to technical and user support, the support contract includes all upgrades, service packs and fixes of the software.

How is survey data imported into EvaSys?
Survey data is imported into EvaSys using one of the following methods:

CSV – the simplest way to import data is using a standard spread sheet structure from a CSV file.

XML – It is also possible to automate the import process further by using the XML import function.

SOAP API – it is possible to create a live feed of survey/ participant data going into EvaSys using the SOAP API. This will allow EvaSys to connect to other databases (e.g. student records) and pull in data as necessary.

We also have a Data Bridge feature which offers an effective way to clean and maintain data regardless of where the data originates from. For example, it would be possible for you to provide access to each of your school administrators to cross check data that is taken from your core system, before it is moved into EvaSys. Admins could easily edit, add/remove data, so you have the information you need, and the data is quality checked before transferred to EvaSys.

It’s also possible to edit/reconstruct this information manually once it’s in EvaSys, or use the Data Bridge to update information.

Can EvaSys online surveys work on any device?
Online surveys in EvaSys are compatible with all mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphones, as well as PCs and MACS. When a participant opens an online survey on a device (Apple, Android, Windows), EvaSys will rescale the size of the web page depending on the size of the screen resolution using HTML5 functionality. This is done automatically and ensures that the surveys are ‘mobile and tablet friendly’ and that there is no need to zoom in on the page. There is no requirement for an app or any software to be installed on the mobile devices, just a web browser.

What type of reporting does EvaSys/EvaMetrics offer?

For every module evaluation/survey, EvaSys will generate an instant PDF report which can be immediately emailed to a specified user(s) (e.g. teacher) as soon as the survey closes.

The EvaSys Insight Dashboard is a data visualisation tool that gives users a range of visual reporting options that can be used to report directly on KPIs for the organisation. Using the data collected from their course and module evaluation, institutes can use EvaSys Insight Dashboard to access deeper level analysis, as well as a range of graphical tools to present results visually, and numerically so that they are much easier to understand and action. Very useful for heads of department or senior management who want to see an overview of module evaluation results.

Using the Quality Management feature in EvaSys, it is possible to set targets across scaled questions in different question groups that result in traffic lights in the PDF reports. The traffic lights are a useful way to quickly track and review the performance of survey.

You can also export the raw data. At any time, it is possible to export survey data for a single survey or multiple surveys using the batch export feature. Data can be exported to Excel (CSV) or SPSS (SAV). In addition to this, the Data Access Layer (DAL) can be used to query the database tables directly. Often this is done by using a Business Intelligence (BI) tool such as Qlikview or Business Objects.

There is also a feature to close the loop with students. The specially created ‘Student Report’ can be sent by email, or posted in the VLE to all of those who participated in an evaluation, giving students the chance to access a summary of the chosen quantitative module evaluation results. Academics can also provide commentary on the feedback they have received from their module evaluations, which can be automatically sent to the students and senior stakeholders, encouraging an efficient module review process.

What hosting options are there?
EvaSys is a web-based application that can be hosted and managed centrally as an IT system internally, or outsourced to us. Our hosted servers are based in Germany. Please click here for our security policies.

How many users can access the system?
Our licences provide unlimited user roles to the system. You are able to assign certain users roles depending on the level of information/accessibility you want to provide. For example, you might provide each department within your institution its own administrator responsible for administering surveys for their department. They cannot see or manage information from any other areas, only their own.

It is possible to get reporting permission levels within the system. You can assign which users will receive the PDF reports generated by EvaSys for every module/survey that’s evaluated via email, or access via login, and who has access to the dashboard information.

What question types are available?
Question types available in EvaSys include Likert/scaled questions, free text questions, single choice questions, multiple choice questions, matrix questions, dual scale questions, and grade value questions.

Is your software customisable for my organisation?

EvaSys has a fully documented web services API. By activating the use of the web services, SOAP API, users can integrate EvaSys with other systems. This can be configured to both pull and push data from different sources. Typical examples would be to pull data from a student records or timetabling database to populate survey information. It would be possible for the institution to decide how often information is pushed into EvaSys and updated.

We also have standard plugins for Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas and Brightspace, to display surveys within the VLE for students, which can be developed further with our LTI functionality.

Our Data Access Layer (DAL)would allow integration with BI tools such as QlikView and Business Objects. We have a number of institutions using the DAL to pull information from EvaSys into their BI tools.

Is EvaSys compliant with the “AA” rating in the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines?
Yes! Online survey templates can be configured to ensure that they are compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

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