Paper Based or Online Exam Creation

Transform the way you run and manage exams and assessments with the EvaExam tool…

EvaExam Assessment Automation Suite is a web-based application which allows you to easily create exams, assessments, tests and quizzes using an advanced design and reporting application.

The EvaExam assessment software provides instructors with an easy dashboard for writing questions and uploading answers for scoring. This easy to use dashboard can be assessed by students through web or mobile, allowing them to complete assessments with ease.

Save lots of time and resources by exploring the EvaExam instant reporting feature. EvaExam grades assessments offering scores as soon as they are completed.

With EvaExam you’re spoilt for choice! Facilitators can choose to use paper based or online based exams. With an integrated web-based exam editor you and your colleagues are able to create customised exams and test sheets on any browser.

Why choose EvaExam?

  • Web server based solution with central data storage
  • Web based design for exams and tests – use of multiple format or essay questions
  • Paper and online exams, tests and quizzes
  • Automated capturing and evaluation for paper assessments
  • Immediate reporting with question analysis with grade distribution
  • Individual scalability of the system through variable numbers of users and volumes
  • EvaExam model

    EvaExam supports every stage of the examination and assessment process, from creation to reporting and grading.



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