Why Survey Fatigue Should Be Top Priority in HEIs

Data is one of the greatest assets of any educational institution. Data is the building block for virtually every decision taken in HEs so it becomes even dangerous to even think of the effect bad data could have on the overall activity of a HEI institution. However, we thought of it and even dared to research on it and we discovered that it’s one of the quickest ways any HEI can lose money. Bad data costs so much because decision makers rely on it to make decisions about initiatives and financial resources of their institution. Many HEIs waste a lot of money yearly on the wrong initiatives as a result of bad data.


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Ranking is one of the most revered activities in the HE system. The just concluded TEF in UK was a real eye opener for ‘high and mighty’ HEIs. Dare we say that many of the universities that were rated bronze could have prevented the smear on their reputation if their activities were based on good, relevant data? One university that was rated bronze claimed that its internal data placed them at the gold spot, but the TEF data revealed otherwise. The point is that Universities don’t acknowledge that their students could be feeding them wrong data as a result of survey fatigue and they never really pay attention to their internally generated data until it becomes a matter of public discussion. Still, the TEF result will have an impact on how prospective students view these universities and will result in them opting for other better rated universities.

Survey fatigue is impacting institutions in many ways than one. This impact spreads across every part of any higher institition from the administratiors to the students. Why survey fatigue? because it can result in a highly reduced teaching and learning quality. If left unchecked, thus HEIs spend time for developing a working survey plan to ensure maximum response. Higher institutions should also make sure that surveys of students is highly regulated.

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Why Survey Fatigue Should Be Top Priority in HEIs
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